In addition to selling select automotive and consumer related products, Product & Service Solutions provides the following services:

  • Vehicle calibration services for late model GM and other vehicles, featuring the following calibration software:
    • EFILive Tuning Tool
    • HPTuners VCM Suite
    • TunerCat OBD I & II Tuner software
    • TunerPRO
  • Testing and track vehicle support including vehicle data acquisition and performance data logging. Available support tools for this include:
    • Racelogic VBox VB20SL 20 Hz GPS performance data logger with slip angle measurement along with the following additional modules:
      • 3 axis inertial measurement unit
      • Mini Input Module (RLVBMIM01) auxiliary input module for analog and thermocouple inputs
      • Vehicle CAN data input cable
    • EFILive FlashScan V2 vehicle data logger, including auxiliary input capability for analog sensor and thermocouple inputs
    • HPTuners MPVI Pro vehicle data logging cable and VCM Scanner software
    • Innovate Motorsports LM-2 two channel wide band Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
    • AEM AQ-1 data logger
    • Video recording using action cameras and RaceRender software
  • CAD capabilities include:
    • Autodesk Fusion 360
    • SpaceClaim
    • Onshape
    • SketchUp
  • We can also open/import SolidWorks, parasolid (.x_t) and many other common formats
  • 3D printing of prototype parts using our Dual Extrusion 3D FDM printer
    • 3D printing/slicing software including Simplify3D and ReplicatorG
  • Digitizing
    • NextEngine 3D digitizer
  • Low volume product development, testing and manufacturing support

At Product & Service Solutions LLC we are dedicated to bringing well engineered and tested products to market in the automotive and consumer products industry. At PSS we have over 20 years of automotive product testing and development experience.

The products we sell are either products we have developed ourselves or they are products that we are reselling that we have tested and used ourselves. Either way you can be confident that what you are buying will perform as described and as expected.

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