The CTAP-001 is a programmable clutch pedal and throttle position sensor activation switch. This module can be used on many newer GM vehicles that no longer use a clutch position switch, but instead a position sensor that relays a rising or falling 0-5 volt sensor signal to the ECM. This signal communicates the exact clutch pedal position, accelerator pedal position, or throttle position. The CTAP-001 allows external devices looking for a +12 volt or ground activation signal like a nitrous controller, 2-step, or other devices to be used on vehicles that would not normally have a switched signal available.

• Connects to clutch pedal (CPP), accelerator pedal (APP), throttle position (TPS) sensor or most other 0-5 volt sensors 
• Outputs include 
    • Normally OFF ground activation 
    • Normally ON ground activation 
    • Normally OFF +12vdc activation 

• No need to install a separate microswitch on the clutch pedal 
• Works with rising or falling voltage signals 
• Activate/deactivate anywhere in the clutch or throttle travel 
• Adjustable activation point in 1% increments 


  • Available output types:

    • Normally OFF +12vdc

    • Normally ON ground

    • Normally OFF ground

  • Analog 0-5 volt input that can accept a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), Clutch Pedal Position (CPP) sensor, Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) sensor, or most any other rising or falling 0-5 volt signal.

  • CTAP-001 switch settings can be adjusted in 1% increments from 0% to 99%.

  • Adjustable hysteresis settings of 0%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, 3%, 3.5%, 4%, and 4.5%

  • Custom molded high temperature glass filled Nylon 6 enclosure.

  • Fully encapsulated (potted) construction for increased durability.

  • Outputs rated for up to 0.75 amps each.

  • The CTAP-001 outputs should control a relay for higher current level applications.

  • All three outputs (+12v activation normally OFF, GROUND activation normally ON and OFF) can be used simultaneously.

  • Outputs have a self-protect feature and will turn OFF in case of a direct short or over current condition.

  • Operating voltage range: 9.0 to 18.0 volts.

  • Input signal impedance: 100k ohms.

  • Current draw: 0.1 amp plus current draw of device being controlled (when active).

  • 90 day warranty (from date of purchase).


Mfg. Part #: L460190108


Link to product instructions (with example wiring diagrams included).


What is included in the kit:

Quantity Part Number Desriptuon
1 CTAP-001 Clutch and Throttle Activation Position Switch
2 AV16037 Self-tapping screws
2   Hook and loop tape
1 14803510 Connector, AMP Mate-N-Lock, Male, one position
1 60620-1 Connector, AMP Mate-N-Lock Pin, 20-14 AWG
1   Instructions