Hydraulic Roller Lifters For LS7, LS3 & Other Gen III, IV & V GM V8 Engines
Set of 16


  • Hydraulic roller lifters

    • Fits Gen III, IV and V GM V8 engines including:

      • Gen III engines such as the LS1, LS6, LQ4, LQ9

      • Gen IV engines such as the LS2, LS3, LS7, LSA, LS9

      • Gen V engines such L83, L86, LT1

    • Can also be used on Active Fuel Management (AFM) / Displacement On Demand (DOD) engines to switch to standard lifters

      • These are NOT AFM/DOD lifters so they can't be used on the AFM/DOD cylinders if you want to retain AFM/DOD

  • Made by OEM supplier General Motors Components Holdings (formerly Delphi)

Cross reference:

  • These are same as the GMPP and LS7 lifters except that they are purchased in bulk so the are not individually boxed
  • Equivalent to GM part number 17122490 (ACDelco part # HL124).
    • GMPP part number 12499225 is just 16 of part # 17122490 packaged into a set of 16 pieces
  • Also compatible with GM part number 12576400 (HL128).


  • Parts are brand new from bulk packaging (not individually packaged)

Country of origin:

  • Made in the USA

Additional notes:

  • Differences exist between some of the OEM GM lifters. On a stock engine these differences do not usually cause any problems but if you have a modified engine and your tolerances are at one end of the range or the other, these differences can cause lifter pre-load errors.

  • These lifters are the same hydraulic travel and overall length (roller to pushrod cup) as the production Z06 LS7 lifters and the GMPP lifters. This measurement should be done by measuring from the tip of the roller to the inside of the cup. The cup location should be measured using a pushrod with the same tip diameter as the pushrod you will be using. Some LS2, LS3 and other Gen IV lifters may be 0.025" shorter from the roller to cup and also in pushrod travel.

  • As with any component change we recommend you check your installation to make sure the lifter compression and pushrod length are correct.